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DCCM is a comprehensive Drug Court Case Management system.

ACT Innovations’ Drug Court Case Management System (DCCM), provides all the resources needed for court personnel and their team members to do their jobs and provide the court with information needed on a daily basis. Our fully developed system is designed to collect the following case-level information from the court through a web-based interface and to maintain it in a centralized database server hosted by ACT Innovations:

  • Analytics
  • Bulk Tasks
  • Case File Management Tool
  • Client Search Tool
  • Community Service Information
  • Criminal Information
  • Drug Testing (e.g., history of drug tests, results, and number of sobriety days)
  • Employment, Medical, and Education History
  • Fees
  • Journal
  • Online Resources
  • Personal Demographics
  • Record of Incentives and Sanctions
  • Ad Hoc Analytical Reports

DCCM has been implemented and used in many different courts in many different states. It is a mature and proven product, which is successfully used on a daily basis. Since the development and fielding of the original system in 2002, we have gained a great deal more experience. We have acquired more knowledge on the core business practices that drive and impact the courts and the users interacting with the systems they use. We have received more feedback from professionals and functional users, and have used this valuable information to improve the original system.

Over the years, ACT has come to realize that innovation sets solutions above the competition and that integration is becoming a larger part of providing those solutions. This integration experience with urinary analysis (drug testing) results, criminal histories, probation services, cost tools, and screening tools, just to name a few, is what makes our solution even more attractive. Interfacing with these other areas has required a variety of methods from web services to mainframe transactions using TCAccess to upload and download data to allow the courts to share information with other aspects of Court operations. Although some of these integrations and/or methods have proven to be challenging, ACT has been able to make these solutions successful.

The Data Analysis Component of the Drug Court Case Management Information System (DCCMIS) is intended to provide case managers, drug court administrators, and evaluators with the ability to describe any group or compare any groups of individuals who were either screened for or admitted to drug court. This Component can be thought of as the eyes that allow case managers, drug court administrators, and evaluators to see the characteristics of those who are successful in drug court and the characteristics of those who are not successful. The Data Analysis Component also provides the ability to determine the similarities and differences between those who are admitted to drug court and those who are rejected.

The Data Analysis Component is essential to understanding the effectiveness of a single drug court or a group of drug courts. In essence the tools provided by the Data Analysis Component allow case managers, court administrators, and evaluators to interact with the data collected in the DCCMIS and to ask a nearly unlimited number of questions. Examples of these questions include: Are females admitted to drug court more often than males? Are older offenders admitted to drug court more often than younger offenders? Do African American females successfully complete drug court more often than African American males? Are females whose drug of choice is cocaine more successful than females whose drug of choice is heroin? Without the Data Analysis Component, case managers, court administrators, and evaluators could not answer important questions such as these and thus would be unable to see important areas where the drug court is successful or areas where improvement is needed.

ACT Innovations wishes to express its appreciation to Thomas C. Tucker, Ph.D., MPH, Director of the Kentucky Cancer Registry for his contribution in the development of this application.

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