Our Mission is to provide innovative solutions to lab management, drug testing and court management. We strive to be our industry’s leader in cutting edge technology.

Since it's beginning in 1995, ACT has become an industry leader in the design and development case management solutions supporting the Judicial Branch of our government. We have built a successful track record of providing customized web-based solutions to a constantly expanding roster of clients.

Our focus in the past year has been on the expansion of our Drug Court Case Management System (DCCM) to include integration with drug testing instruments. That product, Paracelsus, provides the seamless pass of results from the instrument to the system. We continue to improve DCCM with the addition of reports for the new module. Even though our main focus is developing the best possible Drug Court Case Management (DCCM) system, ACT is currently providing Community Corrections, Family Court, Juvenile Intake, Detention/Probation and Truancy, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security applications to Alabama, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, and Texas.

Success Stories

Paracelsus, a DCCM module released in May of 2009, takes drug courts to the next level. Time, money and manpower are saved by the integration of the instrument and the DCCM system. Results can be retrieved immediately and database updates accomplished with little intervention. Reports support requirements for reporting results, data needed for grant submissions and the annual statistics of the drug court.

Among many other applications, as of May 2009, we have four states with over 100 locations using our Drug Court Case Management System (DCCM); over 700 agencies and over 8000 users are currently using Law Enforcement Tactical System (LETS) program, and over 300 Probation and Parole Officers in the state of Alabama are using the Electronic Pre-Sentence Investigation (EPSI).

Our team of designers, developers and support personnel are among the best. We have a world class help desk, an innovative, dynamic development team and experienced management that cares. To find out more about our solutions and how they can help your organization, please fill out our Information Request form, call us Toll-Free at 1.888.549.9880 or send us an email.

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